Annika is the new wine sovereign

Annika is the new wine sovereign

246 appointments in franken and all over germany were completed by viktoria bergmann as seinsheim wine princess during her two-year term of office. "Everyone was unique," she confessed in her review on friday in the packed youth center, before passing the crown to annika rudolf.

"Every event is full of memories," said viktoria bergmann, as she talked about the bavarian sports award, the prowein trade show and twelve other trade shows, the sternstundengala, participation in carnival parades, and numerous wine festivals.

Seinsheim wine festival as a highlight

However, many of the pictures in her review of her two years in office were dedicated to the highlight: the seinsheim wine festivals, the people and, above all, the helpers. At her first own wine festival, she switched on a pedometer: the result: in the wine festival tent, she had covered ten kilometers by the end of the day. And something else about the statistics: the large wine tub had been filled 72 times.

In moving words she thanked her family for the motivation for the office and for the constant support during her reign. During this time, she had the opportunity to get to know 139 wine sovereigns and symbolic figures.

First learn, then enjoy

"In the first year you learn, in the second you enjoy", she summarized her two years. So she could only give one tip. "If someone from the winegrowers’ association approaches a girl and asks if she would like to become wine princess, then you should say yes."

Viktoria bergmann was happy to pass on her crown to a friend. For annika rudolf she had a starter package with her: tights, blister plasters, headache tablets and of course the still almost empty "book full of memories" in which, for example, celebrities are supposed to sign in.

Words of thanks were spoken by weinbauverein chairman klaus schilling, mayor heinz dorsch, kitzingen councillor alexander nuss and weinparadies managing director kerstin kloha. Numerous wine princesses also attended, above all the recently retired franconian wine queen silena werner. Then viktoria bergmann put the crown on her successor’s head.

First wine princess without weinberg in the family

While it has always been customary for the family of the wine princess to have a vineyard, according to klaus schilling this rule has now been abandoned. Annika rudolf has two vines in the yard after all. She is 21 years old and is studying to become a teacher for special needs education in wurzburg. Schilling announced new additions to the weinfest at whitsun. There will be no more beat evening on friday, but the "party birds" will play instead.

In the evening, the seinsheimer musikanten (led by albin schiffmeyer) and the "frohsinn" singing group (gregor kernwein) entertained the guests.

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