Albert hammond comes back to tambach in 2016

Albert Hammond comes back to Tambach in 2016

After his celebrated concert at the "tambacher sommer this year albert hammond will be a guest in the courtyard of tambach castle also in 2016. This has now announced the organizer, the concert agency friedrich, rodental. According to schmidbauer& kalberer with wolfgang buck as guest (15. July), michael patrick kelly (22. July), the spider murphy gang (23. July) and michl muller (24. July) is thus "a further highlight" for the event series in the context of the HUK-coburg-open-air-sommers set. Albert hammond has announced his intention to perform on saturday, 30. July 2016 "with even more world hits" announced", as the release states.

The british singer-songwriter and music producer has been composing and writing rock and pop songs for more than four decades. His songs are responsible for the sale of more than 360 million records worldwide to date. From hammond’s pen stamen titles such as "the air that I breathe" (hollies) "99 miles from LA" (art garfunkel) "one moment in time" (whitney houston) or also "nothing’s gonna stop us now" (starship). Hammond has also written hits for tom jones, joe cocker, celine dion, chris de burgh, the carpenters and ace of base. Last but not least, he succeeded under his own name evergreens such as "down by the river", "it never rains in southern california or "I’m a train"
Advance ticket sales for the hammond concert begin on monday, 5. October, including at the tageblatt office in hindenburgstrasse 3a.

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