A good reputation precedes the new head coach

A good reputation precedes the new head coach

After a vacancy of half a year, the kitzingen school board is now fully staffed again. Gustav eirich, department director for schools at the government of lower franconia, officially introduced the new school board member veit burger into office. School district director kurt krause was pleased to have a man with a good reputation at his side.

Gustav eirich attested to burger’s broad experience as an experienced seminar leader and rector, and that he had proven his leadership and innovation potential. The man from the government spoke of an "ideal-typical progression into a successful career" for the 59-year-old. The pedagogue had chosen history as his main subject in his studies and later started his first school position as a trainee teacher in elsavatal in the district of aschaffenburg.

History expert

Via weibersbrunn and gerbrunn, the man from wurzburg later came to the elementary and middle school in hochberg, where he was principal until this year. The history expert previously held a teaching position at the institute of history at the university of wurzburg. Gustav eirich attested to veit burger’s expertise as well as his commitment and all the qualities that qualify him for responsibility in a school structure: "that’s why you are predestined for the position of school board member."

In the course of his seminar activities, the passionate hiker has been around a lot in lower franconia. Veit burger is since 1. April seconded to kitzingen school authority. Since then, he said, he has taken up challenges to solve upcoming problems and reinforce positive approaches.

The department director saw veit burger in the right place in kitzingen and pointed out the advantages in kitzinger land such as fantastic hiking trails. The deputy district administrator paul streng agreed. He spoke of an intact school landscape and mentioned the millions that the district had invested in schools in recent years.

Thanked for understanding

Kurt krause first thanked the school principals for their understanding during the vacancy period and was able to put himself in veit burger’s shoes, as he had gone a similar way in 2013, at that time from gerolzhofen to the kitzingen school board. Andreas liebald, chairman of the staff council in the school sector, thought that the three qualities of competence, humanity and loyalty were important for the office of a school councilor, and these qualities veit burger brought with him. The rector of the host D.-paul-eber-schule kitzingen, birgit sager, in her capacity as spokeswoman for the school principals in the district, said that the promotion to school board with effect from 1. July is the reward for veit burger’s great commitment.

Positive experiences

The 59-year-old confessed that he had already had many positive experiences in kitzingen and that he felt very comfortable at his new workplace from the very first minute. He classified the education authority as a service provider for the schools. Burger emphasized that "in all our efforts, we must always keep the well-being of the students in mind.

The many school principals received veit burger with appreciative applause. The celebration was framed by the children’s choir st. Hedwig with leader almut drummer and student and singer jamil hassan with song contributions. Finally, andreas liebald and stefan kinkelin sang the song "ein wurz-burger kommt" ("a spice burger is coming") to the tune of a beatles hit, which was dedicated to veit burger and kurt krause.

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