A 70: bridge construction slows down cars

A 70: Bridge construction slows down cars

Road users have been slowed down on the A70 near thurnau for several weeks now. Speed limit of 60 km/h on the lane to bamberg, speed limit of 80 km/h for all those traveling in the direction of bayreuth. Those who do not adhere to the speed limit run the risk of having to pay. In the area between the junctions thurnau-east and west there is currently a lot of speeding.

New construction of the friesental bridge

so far "only" construction work is underway on or along the A 70, but the actual measure concerns the new construction of the friesental bridge, which carries the highway route. The has begun in february with the preliminary work. The bridge between the two thurnau interchanges consists of two partial structures: the bridge in the direction of bamberg, which was built in the course of the former federal highway in 1961, and its sister structure in the direction of bayreuth, which was built in the course of the highway construction in 1989.

Load-bearing capacity not guaranteed

the bridge from 1989 will remain, but the bridge from the 1960s will have to be renewed. Because the load-bearing capacity can no longer be guaranteed in the long term due to the prestressing steel used at the time, as thomas pfeifer, head of the bayreuth office of the autobahndirektion nordbayern (northern bavaria motorway authority), explains.

Another bridge construction site is located at the height of limmersdorfer strabe. The structure there serves as an underpass for the district road KU 17. The renewal is being tackled at the same time. Pfeifer: "both structures will be widened in such a way that in future a hard shoulder and breakdown lane will also be available on the A 70 in the direction of bamberg in addition to the two lanes."
Not only the traffic participants on the A 70, but also all those who drive from thurnau on the KU 7 in the direction of limmersdorf will soon feel the measure.

Detour as of tuesday

because the limmersdorfer strasse will be closed from tuesday onwards due to the bridge work. The detour leads via the new road, which was built in the industrial area and which leads via the road am alten sagewerk to the junction thurnau-ost.

The work on and along the A 70 – the construction costs amount to twelve million euros – will take several more months. The opening to traffic should take place before winter.

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