When marktsteft was to become a city

When marktsteft was to become a city

A festive weekend is planned in marktsteft on the 15. And 17. June in the house: the schutzgesellschaft is 300 years old – and this is to be celebrated properly with the coming evening on friday and the big festive day on sunday.

The beginning of the 18. The twentieth century was a "time of upheaval and constant change" for marktsteft and its citizens, as mayor rudolf riegler lets the reader know in the commemorative publication for the anniversary of the town’s protection. The rulers of the time, the margraves of ansbach, had lost their main harbor in kitzingen – the village of steft was to become the new head harbor of the dominion. With consequences for the village: it was to be developed into a town, trade and the settlement of businesses were promoted. Still today the strumpirkergasse reminds of such a trade.

In 1712, margrave friedrich wilhelm personally visited the new harbor town on the river main and formed a citizens’ company. It is considered the predecessor of today’s schutzengesellschaft and the anniversary of its founding also refers to this date. The club flag donated by the margrave can still be admired today in the marktsteft museum – albeit only in remnants.

Embedded in world history

How much history can be read from such actually rather local club anniversaries is suggested by district marksman siegfried schmitt in his greeting: a 300-year anniversary of a marksmen’s club is rather unusual after all. There are several "royally privileged" societies that are over 400 years old, and there are also schutzvereine from the middle of the 19th century. The "gymnasts, singers, protectors", a movement of the twentieth century, was born. The marktstefter protect thus also a consequence of the counter-reformation.

The chronicle goes on to show how the great history of the association is also reflected in its small members: when more than 1,000 men, for whom the port was the start of the american war of independence, were bade farewell with a salute from the guards. Also the two world wars in the 20. The history of the association reflects the history of the twentieth century: in 1912, the association celebrated its 200th anniversary. Founding celebration, from the year 1926 there is a record of an annual meeting – then the documents are silent. The company was not reestablished until 1960.

Asset in marktsteft

Since then, it has once again played an important role in the town’s club life. Among other things, a guardhouse is built and extended again and again. The association plays a major role in the harbor festival and plays an important role in the kirchweih, among other things with the schutzenauszug and the schutzen ball. To celebrate the anniversary, the schutzgesellschaft marktsteft organized the gauschieben; more than 500 schutzen from the gau took part. The award ceremony and prize-giving on sunday afternoon in the multipurpose hall will be a highlight of the anniversary celebrations, which will begin as early as friday evening, 15. Start june with a commers in the schutzhaus.

The festive service and white sausage dinner will be followed on sunday, the 17th of the month. June at 13.30 o’clock the line-up for the parade at the old sports field in kitzinger strabe, from where it then goes to the multipurpose hall.

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