The town hall in the center of a celebration hour

The town hall in the center of a celebration hour

The buchbrunn town hall was the center of attention at a celebration on sunday. The reason: it was not the building but its use that celebrated its 50th anniversary. Times. As mayor hermann queck explained in his festive speech, the former evangelische dorfschule was rebuilt from 1.8.Finally put into operation as the community’s town hall in 1967.

With the help of the buchbrunn history association, hermann queck discovered that there is a foundation stone from 1561 in the basement of the building. It can be seen from this that the schultheiss and the entire community rebuilt the building at that time.

For wilhelm erhard of the historical society, this is an indication that there may have been a similar school in the past. In 1589, the annals contain the first reference to the building’s use as a town hall. In the minutes of 1843 there is an agreement between the municipality and the evangelical school foundation about responsibility and maintenance costs.

One year later, 61 protestant members of the community decided that the school treasury should take over the upkeep of the building and that any deficit arising from the lack of other funds should be covered by a tax levy on the members of the community.

In the years 1879/1880, an enlargement of the school is documented. 1923, the previous usage regulations for the school/city hall were renewed. As before, the protestant school treasury received an annual rent of 150 marks for the fire station, which was then housed in the basement, as well as for the community, guard and registration rooms. As more school rooms were needed in 1936, the community moved the council chambers and the meeting room to the neighboring former meuschelshaus until the school was rebuilt in 1964.

This meant that the teacher’s apartment could also be rented out and, with the school’s move to the new building, the school building could be rededicated as the town hall. On the top floor, a community hall for the protestant church community, the trombone choir, the youth group and the women’s group was created in the empty apartment.

With the general renovation in 2004/2005, combined with a new division of the rooms, a modern meeting room, a mayor’s office and in the foyer the exhibition "experience stone age" were created.

The village repeatedly uses the modern interior for special exhibitions such as bibles, old glasses, the buchbrunn chronicle, confirmation certificates, linen, fallen tablets and other items.

In its 50 years of existence, the town hall has seen six mayoral and municipal elections. Three mayors, five second mayors and 31 councillors were in office, as queck found in the chronicle. He highlighted as particularly noteworthy the fact that the municipal council could be increased to twelve council members in 2008 due to the growth in population.

In the past 50 years, major decisions at the council table have been the preservation of the community’s independence, the merger of five communities to form the kitzingen administrative community, the designation of building areas, and additions and conversions to the kindergarten.

The celebration hour as a prelude of a picture exhibition in the meeting hall was musically accompanied by the trombone choir under the direction of andrea wagner.

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