The new commander of the fire brigade is called lukas zwecker

The new commander of the fire brigade is called Lukas Zwecker

To this year’s annual general meeting the chairman of the fire-brigade association tiemo sturzenberger welcomed beside mayor gotthard schlereth circle fire adviser benno metz, circle fire inspector thomas eyrich and circle fire chief torsten buechner the entire circle fire-brigade guidance. In addition to the election of the commander, honors were also on the agenda.

"The year 2019 has passed like in the flight", according to sturzenberger. Thus the fire-brigade took again the fire protection education examination with the third classes in the thulbatalschule off. After thorough preparation by active and passive comrades, all participants would have passed the exam. Over the whole year one had, together with katharina kaspar of the red cross readiness oberthulba, the training series ?Fire-brigade first aider? Carried out. After the first aid training, various topics such as the ABCDE scheme, resuscitation training, wound care, stroke and heart attack were practiced both theoretically and practically. The thanks of the chairman applied to the mayor, the local council, the local administration and not least the building yard. When it came to new acquisitions, retrofits or repairs, one had always met with open ears and support.

From the cash report of florian haas it was to be inferred that the association can look not least due to a hereditary case on a solid cash situation. The fire-brigade has at present 26 respirator carriers, 13 of it in the active service. The youth department consists of twelve members, the children’s fire department of seven. The young people have taken part in knowledge tests and first-aid courses. In addition one learned technical assistance as well as knots and stitches.

Commander rainer wanitschka did not stand for election after twelve years. His report showed that the fire department currently has 163 members, including 53 firefighters, twelve firefighter trainees, 59 passive members, 23 supporting members and nine honorary members. In the past year altogether 3277 working hours were accomplished, 627 on employments in case of emergency, 1775 on exercises, training and training meetings and 875 on technical service at the fire-brigade equipment and fire station. The F oberthulba was alarmed 37 times. Eight times to fire employments, 23 times THL employments, five safety guards and a false alarm. With florian dull, dirk holzer, anna-katharina kohlenbeck, marcel pfeuffer, simon sitzmann and manuel winsweiler, six new members were admitted to the fire brigade in 2019. Jan sturzenberger and fabian schmitt have successfully completed their group leader course and were officially promoted to firefighting master.


For long-standing membership several firefighters were honored. Wolfgang herrlein, manfred keller, roland schmitt, berthold schottdorf, herbert reidelbach, karl schneider, harald halbig and thomas schlereth have been members for 40 years.

60 years: gunter gerlach and erich soder.

Dominik krug, jan sturzenberger and felix rober look back on ten years of active service. 40 years active: KBI thomas eyrich.

The new commander of the fire brigade is lukas zwecker, his brother matthias zwecker was confirmed as deputy commander.

Mayor gotthard schlereth reminded that four of the eight municipalities are equipped with respiratory protection and also pointed out the strategic alignment to the neighboring communities. At equipment and training may not be saved. KBR benno metz thanked especially the outgoing commander and praised the equipment of the fire department oberthulba. KBI thomas eyrich thanked the honored and the two new loschmeister and wished the new commander always a good hand. KBM torsten buchner introduced himself to the assembly, praised the number of practice hours and the good cash management.

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