Sarotti ear and miele aunt: the advertising world of yesterday

Sarotti ear and Miele aunt: the advertising world of yesterday

Who among the older generation doesn’t know him, the sarotti moustache that was a quintessential advertisement decades ago? A moor who advertised all kinds of sweets – nowadays that’s almost unthinkable. The very idea of racism destroys many a consideration that decades ago was still outside the realm of discussion.

A glimpse into the advertising world of yesterday is provided by a special exhibition at the city museum, which has been set up over the past few days and will be open to the public from november 30. November is presented. "Irresistible" is the title of the exhibition, which features posters and displays from the postwar period as well as from the 1980s and later. And of course the sarotti-mohr also plays a role.

The special exhibition will be divided into different focal points, as museum director irene lederer explains. Alcohol and cigarettes form one area, were heavily advertised in earlier times. Who doesn’t remember the HB man who always blew up right away?

Another focus is on sweets – an advertising field that has hardly diminished to this day. And here we find the famous sarotti moor again. Sarotti was registered as a chocolate brand since 1894.

The role of women

Of course, the role of women in advertising is also highlighted, combined with a few "nice words" about the origin in the 50s and the development until today.

Advertising has always been a mirror of the times, according to the exhibition flyer. If advertising is indispensable in today’s life, preferably shrill, colorful and striking, advertising was quite different in those days. It all began with simple information in newspaper advertisements. But soon the appearance changed, the big brands emerged. Own advertising slogans were created and there were distinctive logos. The aim was to bind customers permanently to a brand, according to the description of the exhibition.

Gerhard pretzl from viechtach in the bavarian forest is a big fan of the advertising of past decades, and especially of enameled signs. He has been collecting these relics since 1979, now has over a thousand cardboard signs and displays, and brought a few hundred of them with him to herzogenaurach. Irene lederer and christian hoyer have been busy preparing the exhibition for a few days now.

Pretzl, who was accompanied by his collector colleague thomas dotzauer from tennenlohe, already has a few favorite pieces from a huge collection. He particularly likes the knorr rooster, which is also on display in the herzogenaurach city museum. "I got this from the flea market in leipzig", the 63-year-old teacher still knows exactly.

The exhibition will take place on 29. November opens and lasts until 23. February.

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