Ouch and ponsel dance their way to the a-class

Ouch and ponsel dance their way to the A-class

In chemnitz the summer tournament in the latin and standard classes took place again, in which also two dance couples of the TV ketschendorf took part. For christoph kopietz and milena beetz (main group C latin) it was the last in a series of successful tournaments before the summer break. Robert autsch and mareike ponsel returned to the tournament after a year's break.
Kopietz and beetz routinely presented the dances samba, chacha, rumba and jive and easily qualified for the finals. Here both reached the third place in all dances. With this result they were able to achieve a further placement in the fight for promotion to the B-class.

Successful end of the season

autsch and ponsel had not taken part in any individual competitions last year due to professional reasons and concentrated on the successful conclusion of the season with the formation.
Since march they have been preparing for the individual tournaments again. With this tournament now the missing placement should be aimed at the promotion into the A-class. In the preliminary round both showed their demanding choreographies to the dances samba, chacha, rumba, paso doble and jive. Reaching the final was purely a matter of form. In the strong field they placed third in the samba and chacha and fourth in the rumba. Thanks to their fighting spirit, they once again took third place in the paso doble, so that fourth place in the jive was no longer an issue.
With their podium place, robert autsch and mareike ponsel rose to the top on their 51st birthday. Joint tournament into the A-class.

Promotion as a crowning achievement

the 27 year old IT-administrator from kronach and the 23 year old insurance manager from coburg met each other already in 2006 in the former formation of TSG furth. Their successful career began in may 2007, when they won the D class at germany's largest dance tournament. With the third place at the bavarian championship in 2007 the first promotion to the C-class followed and in 2008 the next promotion to the B-class. After some good placements, they reached the semifinals of the bavarian championship in october 2009 in a very strong field of participants and soon after the first tournament victory. Due to a career break, promotion to the A-class did not work out at first. Only one placement left (1. Up to 3. Place) was missing. After the success with the formation both crowned the successful year now with the promotion. 

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