Kulmbach man cheated twice on drug purchases – and now sentenced

Kulmbach man cheated twice on drug purchases - and now sentenced

It was going to be big business: four young men collected 1300 euros once, 1600 euros the second time, in order to get hashish with it. The drug was to be sold for profit in the kulmbach area. But nothing came of it.

Now one of the men, a 24-year-old mechanic from the district, had to answer to the local court. If he got away with a year's probation in the end, it was mainly because he had made a confession.

Hashish in the waste garbage can

the defendant was the driver when the quartet left on 1. June 2016 set off in the direction of burgkunstadt. There the drug business should go over the stage. It was agreed with the dealer that he would deposit the hashish, wrapped in aluminum foil, in a wastebasket at a fast-food restaurant. The money was supposed to be hidden in an envelope there as well. 130 grams of hashish for 1300 euros, that was the deal.

However, the business went thoroughly wrong. The young men put the envelope with the bills in the trash can. When they came back a short time later, the money was gone, but they found no drugs. "They have screwed us all along the line", the defendant said in court. He also said he had only contributed an amount between 60 and 100 euros and had hoped to get six to eight joints in return.

How anyone could get involved in a similar deal just three days later after this flop remained the secret of the defendant and his accomplices. Anyway, they had again arranged a meeting with a dealer they didn't know until then, this time in nuremberg. Now they had 1600 euros in the cash register and wanted to buy 160 grams of hashish. Hard to believe, but the deal fell through again. The seller disappeared together with the money, there were no drugs again.

Treacherous chat history

this time the accused was not present at all. However, he had again contributed an amount of up to 100 euros. This should now become his undoing. The police came finally over a chatverlauf on the accused and searched at the beginning of of september its dwelling.

In addition to all kinds of drug paraphernalia such as precision scales, pressure cap bags and crushers, the officers also found small amounts of marijuana, a marijuana-tobacco mixture and some cannabis seeds. Before court the accused admitted the act and admitted also its consumption at that time. He had known that the other three were drug users and that they wanted to resell the substance for a profit.

Minor case

still with the housing search the man had shown itself far less cooperative. He refused the identification service treatment, said the clerk of the police inspection stadtsteinach.

The ultimately also imposed suspended sentence of one year had already requested the prosecution. Since the defendant was not even present at the second case, the representative of the prosecuting authority considered the crime to be a minor case. Nevertheless, the hoped-for hashish quantities were no small matter.

Defense lawyer olaf schroder from halberstadt did not make a specific request, but only demanded a suspended sentence.

In addition to the year on probation, the defendant must now transfer a sum of money of 1500 euros to the child and youth welfare service of upper franconia in fassoldshof and undergo drug screening for two years.

"We want to make sure that they stay away from drugs in the future", said the presiding judge nicole allstadt. If the defendant is caught with drugs or does not pay the fine, he must expect a revocation of his probation and serve the sentence.



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