Intersection at todtenhaus to be renovated at a cost of 2.3 million euros

Intersection at Todtenhaus to be renovated at a cost of 2.3 million euros

Uneven alignment, narrow verges, unclear junctions, a narrow roadway and far too poor visibility: the state road between thurnau and dollnitz is a real danger route and is therefore being rehabilitated.

2.3 million euros

the municipality of thurnau does not have to contribute a single cent to the 2.3 million euro construction costs. The measure is financed solely by the free state. Berthold hubner from the state building authority presented the plans to the municipal council on monday. This includes the new construction of the road near the old road layout as well as the defusing of the dangerous crossing at the todtenhaus shortly before the village entrance to thurnau.

The community connection road, coming from heubsch, will in future no longer join the main road at the narrow point, but will only lead into a traffic circle after the place name sign. This traffic circle will be built at the level of the current fork in the road. The driveway from the direction of neidsmuhle, i.E. From the valley opposite todtenhaus, is to be defused by a dome according to the plans.

"Only a few residents affected"

here, however, the local council has change requests. As jurgen kieslich (CSU) suggested, this road should run parallel to hauptstrabe and meet jagerstrabe in the lower section past a planned rainwater retention basin. Although this would mean a detour for motorists. But only a few residents will be affected. "The advantage would be that we would have created a connection for pedestrians and cyclists in addition to a mitigation of the driveway onto the main road. In our long-term goal of making the route to hutschdorf safer for bicyclists, we would be a decisive step further" said kieslich.

The proposal has been included by the municipality in its statement. For a continuous footpath to hutschdorf, only a small piece of the au bach is missing. If the proposal of the local council is taken up and the cycle path is built up to neidsmuhle, a funding application for this gap closure could be submitted.

Building authority gives recommendation

on the recommendation of berthold hubner, the "connection of outlying districts" should be included as a reason are mentioned. A continuation of the renovation work within thurnau is not planned. In the kulmbacher strabe the roadway is much too narrow. According to hubner, some of the houses were built right up to the street. The variant of moving the road to thurnau away from kulmbacher strasse and into kirschenallee was rejected by the building authority. Hubner: "this would require a bridge over a slope. The variant would cost several million euros." that is not an alternative, he said." if, then the market would have to take up the planning and bear the costs.

For the rehabilitation of the road towards dollnitz, the committee has given a positive opinion with the changes. Now follow the coordination with the district office and water management office. The preliminary draft can then be approved, and the planning approval procedure can be started.

The energy agency has been commissioned in 2012 to reduce the energy consumption of the municipality. Uwe tauber presented first results on monday. According to this, the consumption is higher than last year. But he drew a good interim balance. "The reason for the 28.99 percent increase in consumption was a defective regulator system. We quickly recognized this and eliminated the defect." tauber sees great savings potential.

Where does the municipality want to retrofit?

After the weak points have been identified, it is now up to the municipality to decide where to retrofit the road. According to tauber, a combined heat and power plant is conceivable, with which heat and electricity can be generated.

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