Honors for 40 years of club loyalty with the ebenhauser anglers

The "petri heil 66" angling club ebenhausen, that is 43 active sport anglers, ten youth sport anglers and 64 passive members. Altogether 117 members, from whom to the christmas helferfest scarcely 100 members had appeared. Helpers’ and christmas parties have been going on for almost as long as the association, which was founded in 1966, held its first fish party the following year to fill its coffers.

In the meantime, the three-day fish festival with its large tent, fish specialties and grilled mackerel has become a fixed part of the market town’s annual program. "A ton of mackerel, grilled over a charcoal fire, is what we have planned again for next year, explained cashier ernst rudolf, who led through the program.

Michael jebberger as nicholas reported on the other highlights of the fishing year. And there was a lot to tell, since the ebenhausen anglers fish on three waters: on the saale near trimberg, they are allowed to use five kilometers of river, as well as on the wern, a small but clear trout water between hain and kronungen, and, for several years now, on the laaker lake near heidenfeld. This 5.4 hectare water with a rich stock of pike, pike-perch, carp, tench, bream and eels was bought by the club and this summer 16 trees were planted there. Due to the drought, these had to be watered daily, for which michael jebberger as nicholas and deputy chairman thanked the responsible persons.

Above all, however, the many volunteers at the fish festival deserve this evening, which began with a meal. Such an evening, where almost all members are present, is of course the ideal setting for club honors. Moderator ernst rudolf called alfred seufert, bruno kraus, hannelore greubel, herbert volkel and renate zanglein to the front to thank them, together with the two chairmen, for their 40 years of membership of the association and to present them with certificates and gifts.

In a short laudatory speech, he acknowledged the merits of these long-standing members, and some of the guests learned that "bruno is a real hard worker", alfred used to be responsible for the slaughter bowl at the two-day helpers’ festival, and herbert was for many years an extremely efficient "mackerel winner" was employed at the sales counter.

Hannelore greubel, who used to work in the wine bar, now supervises the potato peelers, and renate zanglein was in charge of the fish fry and was also responsible for preparing the popular marinated herrings. As a club hostess, she organized the "club evenings" in their restaurant in pfersdorf, unforgettable for most of the older members.

Rudolf fischer, peter distler, horst grambole, christian mehn and jurgen weiglein were also to be honored for 40 years of club membership, but they were excused for this evening and will receive their certificates personally. Last but not least, the individual winners of various fishing championships were announced. Outstanding was the first chairman bernhard braun, who thus also became fisher king 2019, youth fisher king became jonas seufert.

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