First course set after lower saxony election

First course set after Lower Saxony election

SPD and CDU are expected to elect their parliamentary group leaders. Elections are not yet on the agenda for the FDP and the greens. The greens want to wait until the conclusion of coalition negotiations with the SPD, which are scheduled to start this week. SPD and greens gained a razor-thin one-mandate lead in sunday’s election.

Exactly when the social democrats and the greens will begin coalition negotiations was still unclear on the day after the election. "I’m very confident that things will get underway this week," said green party top candidate anja piel on monday evening at a meeting of her party’s executive committee.

Meanwhile, the defeated head of government david mcallister (CDU) wants to remain leader of his party. On monday evening, unlike before, he no longer ruled out the possibility of forming a coalition after the official end of his term of office – presumably on 19 january. February – to become CDU parliamentary group leader in the state parliament in the medium term. For the time being, however, this office should be assumed by bjorn thumler, he explained.

According to the preliminary official results, the CDU lost 6.5 points in lower saxony, but remained the strongest party with 36.0 percent, followed by the SPD with 32.6 percent (plus 2.3). The greens achieved 13.7 percent (up 5.7), the FDP 9.9 (up 1.7) and the left 3.1 percent (down 4.0).

The difference between the red-green and black-yellow camps was just 12,409 votes. With overhang and compensatory mandates, the distribution of seats is as follows: CDU 54; SPD 49; greens 20; FDP 14. Red-green now has a one-vote majority in the new state parliament.

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