Fewer emergencies, but a lot of training

Fewer emergencies, but a lot of training

At the service meeting, which was opened by mayor anja gebhardt, those responsible for the fire department looked back on a total of 6239 hours worked for the safety of the community and the population in the past year. "Even though there were fewer operations in 2019 than in 2018, the level of training and education in the community safety enterprise remained very high", said commander sebastian mueller.

To the 43 firefighters – all but five of the crew – the community leader said, "when I look at what’s been going on, I feel very well taken care of. Our fire department works perfectly. Thank you all."

The number of volunteer firefighters has been reduced by terminations of service or. The reaching of the legal age limit decreased. After a new entry the local institution consists at present of 48 women and men. With youth and children’s firefighters, the number amounts to 67 people between six and 61 years old.

In his review, commander muller reported on many big and small highlights. One outstanding event was the large-scale exercise on the walberla in september, which involved almost 90 full-time and voluntary workers from various organizations, including a police helicopter.

The fire chief also listed the filming for an RTL feature, the performance test taken, new training formats (in some cases with surrounding fire departments), as well as the advanced training started in forest and wildland fires.

In the meantime, the joint exercises and training courses with the technical relief organization and the workers’ samaritan federation have become standard. The duty roster comprised 78 dates, 1557 hours came together thereby. If one counts operational, supra-local training course, maintenance/maintenance work, the new generation and the public work, the administration, 53 meetings, meetings and official dates in addition, all fire-brigade service members accomplished altogether 6239 hours for kirchehrenbach.

"All voluntary, all beside job and family, all with commitment and enthusiasm" commander sebastian muller was proud of his team.

A "backward record there were in the matter of employments: the volunteers only had to go out 26 times (2018: 45). Four times there was an alert in the platoon of the support group local operations command (UG-oel) in the district.

The fire department gnomes, the group of six to eleven year olds, grew last year. Eight children are currently part of the team. The children have met a total of 20 times. As the head of the children’s fire department, maria muller, informed us, in addition to the meetings, the fire department again organized a vacation program and participated in the living advent calendar.

Officially sworn into the fire department were katja galster and timo gebhardt. To oberfeuerwehrfrau or. -maria brutting and stefan schmitt were promoted to the rank of "mann.

For the completion of ten years of firefighting service for kirchehrenbach, jonas bacher, michael gotz and moritz kraus received the seniority badge from the hands of the commander, his deputy bernd gebhard and the mayor.

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