Faster surfing in the city of ebern

With the fourth procedure, the so-called hofebonus, the still missing properties are provided with a connection to the fiber optic network. As the city of ebern announced, this means that the remaining 190 households that could not yet be supplied with fast internet in the city area in the previous expansion programs and subsidy programs from the state will also receive a connection.

With completion of this extension the entire urban area with all properties in the city of ebern then has fast internet with at least 30 mbit/s, expects mayor jurgen hennemann (SPD). According to telekom, which is handling the expansion, users will then be able to download data at a maximum speed of one gigabit per second, which should make it easier to watch movies or play video games. Up to 500 mbit/s available for uploading files.

Twelve areas affected

Telekom will install more than 14 kilometers of fiber optic cable and nine new fiber optic network distributors as part of the expansion project. The lines go directly into the houses concerned, the signals are transmitted optically. "With this technology we supply buildings in the areas albersdorf, bischwind am raueneck, ebern, eyrichshof, fischbach, gemund, hetschingsmuhle, lutzelebern, ruppach, ruppachsmuhle, sachsenhof and sandhof", said thomas weigand, municipal contact person in the deutsche telekom/technology division.

Deutsche telekom is now entering the detailed planning phase for the rollout. At the same time, a civil engineering company will be selected to carry out the construction work, order materials and obtain building permits. As soon as all the lines have been laid and distributors set up, the ebern households will be connected to the deutsche telekom network. Customers can then book the new connections.

"For the connection to the fast network we need a declaration of consent with signature of the owner. Otherwise, we can’t connect his house with fiber optics,", explains regional manager andreas rudloff. Telekom contacts the owners as soon as the municipality has passed on the necessary contact data.

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