Dettelbach teacher offers english lessons on youtube

Eva-marie kleiss is a senior lecturer at the deutschhaus gymnasium in wurzburg, mother of two children and lives in dettelbach. To make homeschooling easier to improve, she offers on the youtube channel "super in english official" english lessons that are based on the textbooks.

Question: how did you come up with the idea of the youtube channel??

Eva-marie kleiss: I started just before the corona crisis, because I realized that I always had to repeat many things. In addition, english dictations, for example, can only be practiced with the help of the teacher. I can’t practice these enough in class. But my students wanted more opportunities to practice.

Who is the offer aimed at?

Kleiss: to all the english language learners out there who are homeschooling.. Make: beginners, especially fifth- to sixth-grade students and high school students who want to prepare for the abitur.

How much work did you put into it?

Kleiss: I actually work on it every day. Only when the school closings started did I have to stop short because there was just so much to do online with my students.

The special feature of the channel is …

Kleiss: …That ‘super in english’ can replace classes in times of corona school closures and offer real relief to parents. Also, most of the videos are interactive in some way: students don’t just sit in front of the video, they are asked to take live dictation, for example, or to read it along or repeat it aloud. Also, the videos follow the curriculum of the fifth grade or high school curriculum exactly.

What were the reactions?

Kleiss: parents and students are totally grateful and always ask when the next video will come. That spurs me on to keep going.

Are there already more ideas?

Kleiss: I’ve often said to myself, "after the video, you’ll stop. But as long as the schools are still closed, I feel obliged to my students and their parents. So I continue – until I have all school years completely on youtube.

As a teacher, how did you experience the past few weeks??

Kleiss: at the beginning they were terribly stressful days. At first we could only communicate via email and parent mailing lists, then of course I used mebis, the teacher-student platform, and the phone. I have made long phone calls to almost all the little students, repeated material in english or done exercises. With the older ones, i.E. The Q 11, I have learned about "jitsi meet" lessons made. This is a secure video platform for online conferencing.

How do you see your "vacations from?

Kleiss: also real work: intensification lessons I hold for example by video chat, then daily practice essays of my students come in, which I should improve, finally I try to create new videos and finally I am a mother myself and have to do the household for my family.

Thinking about the next few weeks …

Kleiss: …I hope so much that we can get back to normal and I can see my students live again.

Your message to your students?

Kleiss: continue your education and persevere!

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