Barca boss dashes bayern hopes: “dembele stays”

They want the 22-year-old frenchman to stay at barcelona, bartomeu said at a press conference. The former dortmund professional is "indispensable" for the team’s project around superstar lionel messi and national goalkeeper marc-andre ter stegen. In his opinion, dembele is even better than brazilian superstar neymar, bartomeu said.

Neymar had moved from barcelona to paris saint-germain FC two years ago, but had little reason to be happy in the french capital. According to media reports, the brazilian now wants to return to the catalans. Asked about this, the club boss simply said, "we know that neymar wants to leave paris. We do not speak however about players of other clubs. Just as we don’t like it when people talk about our professionals."

On atletico madrid’s current professional antoine griezmann, who according to media reports will almost certainly be striker alongside messi next season, bartomeu revealed, "I am now revealing a secret. Yesterday, (barcelona general manager) òscar grau and I met with atletico’s general manager miguel angel gil marin in madrid to discuss this issue for the first time."There is however still no decision.

Atletico madrid accused its rival FC barcelona of unfair practices in a press release. In addition, the club asked the griezmann to appear at the start of training in madrid on sunday

The french world champion had already announced his departure from atletico madrid on twitter about two months ago. To date, however, the 28-year-old striker has remained silent about his new employer. Some media think he could also move to paris SG. The transfer fee stipulated in the contract between atletico and griezmann, which still runs until 2023, fell on 1. July from 200 to 120 million euros.

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