Bad kissingen’s little athletes are big

Bad kissingen's little athletes are big

130 winners took part in the children’s run, an active program that framed the health days. So many girls and boys started on saturday morning at the hans-weib-sportpark as an entry into the 5. Bad kissingen rakoczy run. All were rewarded with a certificate and medal for their performance. The best of each starting group received prizes in kind.

It was cold and rainy, but the children aged three to ten didn’t mind. Some came in jogging pants, others already in their tracksuits. The kindergarten children even had a "corporate identity" uniform T-shirt was not only compulsory, but also showed which institution the young athletes came from. Bad bocklet was represented by 20 children, twelve from eltingshausen, 21 from winkels and the largest group from the garitz kindergartens.

Also taking part was lisa from the kindergarten on the lake, who warmed up professionally in the ice sports hall. The five-year-old had prepared with the others by running continuously every day, but was a little skeptical because of the strong competition
It was no different for sarah (four) from eltingshausen, who only wanted to talk about her training status and chances in the presence of her supervisor anna-lena koch (kindergarten teacher). It was a real training week, both said. As preparation, they had measured out a 400-meter distance that they had run with the children every day in the past. In addition, they had warmed up and stretched.

Has sarah from "training program" please? A hesitant "yes, comes from the little one, who prefers to snuggle up to the person she’s playing with. In addition, the schools up to the fourth grade were represented.

Just like the little ones had learned, the "rakoczy children’s run" also had the same rules the warm-up in the first place. Together they ran on the spot; then it was time for stretching exercises – and only then did they go out onto the track.

Parents cheered enthusiastically

the "fans" were already waiting there, who wanted to digitize the start of their sporting career with all kinds of technical devices. Manfred klabouch from TSV bad kissingen had to use the megaphone to drown out the excited murmuring of the children – and the cheering eagerness of the parents – and line up the competitors on the starting line.

Herbert hofner gave the starting signal, and then the young athletes started running.

The winner of the first race was number 24: six-year-old alex zahn from the st.-elisabeth kindergarten with an outstanding time. The kisspaed team had their hands full at the finish, noting down the correct order and capturing the best three boys and girls for the award ceremony.

This resulted in a total of six runs with an average of 20 children. At first, it was the kindergartners who completed a lap to the cheers and encouragement of the crowd. Then came the schoolchildren, who started according to age group and had to complete two rounds.

To ensure that no one got lost and that there was also a motivator on the course, the organizers from TSV bad kissingen and the kisspaed team had a "guide bunny" (matthias haase) organized, who had to run every round in the pink costume. He had also earned a medal with this performance.
After the run there was a drink for everyone and words of praise for the good and consolation for the sad.

For mayor kay blankenburg (SPD), however, it didn’t matter who was faster or slower: "movement is fun – and the children show us that in particular."

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