After the fire, neighbors help the victims

After the fire, neighbors help the victims

With information to the building fire in sailershausen of sunday evening the press office of the police headquarters lower franconia in peppering castle holds back also two days after the conflagration. Due to the high degree of destruction, it was difficult for fire investigators to make clear findings on the cause of the fire, explained the officer on duty on the phone. At the present time, there are no indications of negligent or even deliberate arson. Final statements were not yet possible, the investigation at the scene of the fire was ongoing.

Even as far as the amount of damage is concerned, no more than cautious estimates have been heard from the police. According to the press office, the initial estimate of damage was in the lower six-figure range, but current findings suggest that this is far from sufficient. The water damage to the half-timbered building is considerable, so that the official the damage in the meantime "certainly in the middle six-digit range" would settle, but that is very vague. Above all also because of the consultation with the insurance companies no more concrete data are possible.

According to the information provided by operations manager julia volpert of the hassfurt fire department, the alarm was raised at 19.38 o’clock on sunday evening received. Upon arrival, the first floriansjunger found the roof truss in full fire on. The problem: at the site of the fire, several buildings are virtually built on top of each other.

Another special feature: the affected building as well as the second adjacent, damaged building are located on a slope. Narrow streets and little space for large vehicles made access for firefighting difficult. The operation was not only for volpert compared to other fires "very difficult, laborious and labor-intensive. The unfavorable location and the special insulation made of hemp and cavities, into which the fire ate its way and spread to the second building, gave us a protracted assignment", said the exhausted head of operations julia volpert.

The emergency forces were supported by a digital emergency tablet with GPS location of all hydrants. In addition to the quick location and easier planning for the extraction of the fire water, the leaders of operations had aids for their decision to determine the hydrants for the individual emergency vehicles. And since there was no open fire water supply, we informed the public utilities of hassfurt, in order to fill the elevated tank in sailershausen sufficiently with water. A second pump was activated and thus secured the extinguishing water demand from the public water supply", according to volpert.

After the departure of most task forces around 8 o’clock monday morning the fire-brigade sailershausen remained with heat-imaging cameras at place, in order to leave nothing to the coincidence. Immediately after the departure of the emergency forces from the surrounding area, another small ember had ignited, but was brought under control quickly and without problems. Up to 11.30 o’clock the local fire department controlled the two objects.

Not only emergency personnel provided great help under difficult conditions, but also neighbors and friends of the victims. "I have only been here in sailershausen for half a year, but the willingness to help is very great," says the native of sailershausen, according to the tenant of the "wanderstube", elvira haubinger (54 years). For the innkeeper it was "no problem" to make the rooms of the parlor available for the emergency services." the habfurt woman was awake until 4 a.M. And, after little sleep, made coffee and also got fresh rolls for breakfast. "Also the neighbors have cooked coffee, there everyone has somehow contributed his part to it. The most important thing is that everyone is really there when you are needed", says haubinger.

For the neighbor and close friend of the victims, elke ortloff (53 years), it was admirable that "our very young fire department received support with advice and motivation from the no longer active but experienced seniors; impressive cohesion", said the exhausted incident commander." after the affected first in the "wanderstube" ortloff took in her friend at her home: "it is quite normal to gather clothes and toothbrushes and prepare the guest bed. And that should be simply also in such a way that old and young help out. There is no long talk, it is simply done", says the native sailershauserin. According to ortloff, five neighbors have already offered to provide shelter for the victims. The haulage contractor heinisch also spontaneously provided a storage space in the company hall to dry the furniture. Other neighbors leave their cars outside the garages for the private property of the victims; other friends bring beams and steel pipe supports to prop up the wet ceilings.

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