A wind farm is to be built near messenfeld

A wind farm is to be built near Messenfeld

The area west of messenfeld could be a suitable location for wind turbines, according to the regional plan of the government of upper franconia. On invitation of the municipality ebensfeld the company WSB projekt sud gmbh, located in bayreuth, presented the process and the realization of such a project.

Ebensfeld mayor bernhard storath (CSU) was pleased with the great interest in the event. With a clear majority of 17 votes to two, the local council had no objections to wind turbines west of messenfeld, but the decisive factor for such a project was the acceptance of the population.

Consequence of the nuclear phase-out

"we as a municipality hold back, since we do not have property at the concerning surfaces", said storath. From his point of view, it is a logical consequence of the nuclear phase-out and the resulting energy turnaround that ebensfeld is also looking for opportunities to use renewable energies. "I was on vacation in east frisia. There are many wind turbines and the people make there nevertheless vacation", stressed the mayor with view of the tourism region at the upper main. But the support of a wind farm by the locals is the most important criterion. In addition, it must be guaranteed with such projects that not only the property owners profit, but also the village community as a whole.

Garrelt brunken, project developer at WSB projekt sud, then explained important criteria for the construction of a wind farm. "We only build where we can operate economically, i.E. In the black", said brunken. Therefore, an accurate wind measurement is essential before the erection of wind turbines. For this, measurements would have to be carried out for one year at the rotor height of 140 meters and average wind speeds of six meters per second would have to be achieved. Such a time-consuming and cost-intensive preliminary planning is only possible if the property owners want to cooperate with WSB. This means that before a wind measurement, the leases must be concluded.

First, data will be collected

because in addition to wind measurements, other factors have to be taken into account. For example, expert opinions on noise immissions and shadows cast by the turbines would have to be prepared. And also the strict conditions of the nature protection must be considered, stressed garrelt brunken. If it turns out during the tests that the area is not suitable for wind power, there is a special right of termination, he said.

According to initial estimates by WSB, the messenfeld-west area offers space for up to six wind turbines. Brunken said that not only the owners of the land would profit from the leasing income, but also the municipality from the trade tax income and investments in the infrastructure. In addition, there are different models for citizen participation, whether through cooperatives or gmbh& co. Kgs, which the company WSG is open to.

Kerstin mann, who works for WSB in the conception of wind farms, explained general conditions for the leases. The contracts would run for 25 years from the commissioning of the wind turbines. To allow as many people as possible to share in the revenue, she said, the plan is to allocate 70 percent of the total lease to the area and 30 percent to each wind turbine site. "In the lease agreement, a percentage share of the wind farm’s revenue is then fixed", she explained. As security, for example with missing wind, however additionally a minimum amount is anchored, which the owners of land per hectare of brought in surface receive.

Help comes from the farmers’ association

honorary district farmer elisabeth fischer suggested that the bavarian farmers’ association could then invite the affected owners to an information evening where the contracts could be discussed. Because: "many have already been pulled over the table with such contracts", said elisabeth fischer. Their proposal was well received by those present. Garrelt brunken stressed that his company works closely with associations, such as the machinery rings, to build trust.

Whether the area "messenfeld-west to a wind park, was not decided on this evening. However, the information and presentation of a possible industrial partner brings a citizens’ wind farm one step closer. "This time next year, we’ll know more.", said mayor storath in conclusion. Now it is mainly up to the landowners whether such a project can be realized.

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