A soccer evening almost to forget

A soccer evening almost to forget

With the weekend off – the game against league leaders FC bayern munich II was postponed at the request of the bavarians – the schweinfurt side wanted to extend their series of high-scoring games to nil. And met expectedly defensible memminger, who could even have led at the break through mihajlovic, which 05-keeper bennet schmidt knew how to prevent with a strong reflex. In the visitors’ attack, florian pieper was allowed to hunt for goals alongside adam jabiri this time, but the visitors’ finishes clearly lacked precision in front of the 625 fans, including two dozen visitors’ supporters.

Little surprise that meris skenderovic came on for pieper in halftime two. However, the first and ultimately only goal was scored by the allgau team – and not undeservedly at that – with a remarkable header by yannick scholz (53).) following a corner kick. By a hair even the 2:0 after an unfortunate schweinfurt back pass, which schmidt could thwart. Proof that the strobl-elf lacked the measure and means to lift this uncomfortable opponent, who was closer to the second goal than the schnudel to the equalizer. 80 minutes had already elapsed when a skenderovic header set up the final offensive, which, however, turned out to be just as disappointing as the visitors’ performance as a whole.

Four changes for the break

After four aubstadt wins in a row, the recent home defeat against burghausen by a last-minute goal was annoying, but bearable. Especially if something would jump out at the guest game at the valznerweiher again. Did it too. Annoying was the intermission deficit, because the unterfranken afforded themselves a glaring slip-up; namely by TSV-keeper julian schneider, who in the minute 13 not properly gripped, what lukas schleimer punished. But the nuremberg lead was fitting, because the young club had more of the field in the first 45 minutes and a clear plus of chances, in which aubstadt’s keeper could prove himself several times.

Victor kleinhenz brought in four new players at the break, including michael dellinger (for jens trunk) and joshua endres (for christopher bieber) for the offense. The best chance to equalize, however, came from substitute philipp harlab, whose 40-meter free-kick went through friends and foes and hit the post. All this already in a superior number, after nurnberg’s ali loune was sent off with yellow-red (49.). Aubstadt pressed, but the central franconians remained dangerous with their counterattacks and defended with tactical skill. At least until shortly before the end of the game, when joshua endres scored from the chalking point after a foul on dellinger to make it a deserved 1-1 final score. The next game for the kleinhenz-elf will be on saturday (2 p.M.) with the home match against FC augsburg II

TSV grobbardorf was also away from home and had no chance against the new league leaders in the bayernliga nord. FC eintracht bamberg was already leading 2:0 at the break, and after the changeover it increased the score to 5:0 against overtaxed galliers.

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